Integrating Voice on the Virtual Desktop – Why?

By Jeff Nolte

December 27, 2011


A good Unified Communication solution lets you manage voice like any other application in your data center, on the same virtualized servers. A great UC solution also puts voice on users’ virtual desktops, which benefits everyone.

For IT teams this means…

– Centralized administration

– Reduced hardware requirements

– Easier software upgrades

– Increased data and application security

For users it means…

– Greatly increased flexibility

– Easier communication

– Use of personal devices

For your business it means…

– Lower capital expenses

– Lower operating expenses

– Greater productivity

– Easier business continuity and disaster recovery

– Increased security and data integrity

Download the Mitel and VMware white paper, Giving Voice to the Virtual Desktop. The ability to put voice and data together is transforming how work gets done. Let’s talk about what it can mean for your business.

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