Seeing is Believing – The Business Case for Video Room Systems

By Jeff Nolte

August 20, 2011


With travel costs skyrocketing, face to face meetings are getting harder to justify. Many businesses are turning to HD video conferencing room systems. These arrangements allow their teams to easily set up multipoint virtual meetings to collaborate and be more productive without the hassles of travel and downtime.

See our one-page data sheet with cost saving scenarios.

The business case for video conferencing room systems is getting easier to make…

  • Effortless system installation, video conference setup, information sharing
  • Facilitates decision making to stay competitive in fast moving markets
  • Eliminates unnecessary travel, which pays for the room system in a matter of months
  • Savings on employee downtime frees them to do more important things, like bring new products to market faster or meet with more clients
  • Improves everyone’s work-life balance, reduces stress, increases effectiveness

We’ll help you run the numbers to see if video makes more sense than planes, trains, and automobiles.

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