National Retail Federation leverages Mitel’s color touch-screen phones

Posted on Jul 29, 2011 in Jeff Nolte's Blog

Representing 1.6+ million U.S. establishments with 24+ million employees, the National Retail Federation understands that keeping staff well informed is vital to serving its members effectively.

Looking to improve in-house communications, control system management, and broadcast timely updates to staff, NRF chose Chesapeake from a field of top industry players as having the most compelling technical solution — one that would transform how the organization shares good news and industry information.

Chesapeake installed Mitel’s 3300 IP phone system at the NRF’s Washington, DC headquarters. 150 Mitel 5360 IP phones were connected to the Gigabit Ethernet network. Equipped with a vivid color display, the 5360 enables everyone at NRF to access and interact with web apps through a 7-inch touch-screen. NRF’s IS developers can use the 5360’s built-in HTML toolkit for custom application development.

Chesapeake also implemented Mitel’s Live Content Suite so users can retrieve timely information right from their phones. With the push of a touch-screen button, users can read NRF executive messages and follow Twitter feeds that include retail industry news — even check the weather. Content can be developed with popular blogging tools and pushed out to specific users or workgroups. Push-to-dial phone numbers embedded into the text enable quick touch-screen response.

Using Mitel’s powerful Live Desktop Portal app, the 5360 IP Phone integrates with desktops and laptops for flexible feature programming. A web-based interface allows easy drag-and-drop phone customization by users, freeing IS staff for other tasks.

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