Is your Wide Area Network Choking on Too Much Traffic?

By Jeff Nolte

May 16, 2011


With remote workforces, more collaborative technologies and increased application sharing, many businesses are finding that their wide area networks are slowing down. Chesapeake can do something about that.

Your WANs are important to watch — when a WAN isn’t properly configured to account for the needs of remote users and can’t deliver the speeds your staff needs, their work slows down and that can hurt customer response time.

Further, if WAN configurations aren’t integrated with security, application performance can take an extra hit. When added, security controls improve overall application performance by filtering out harmful traffic before it can cause real damage.

Is your WAN bogging down your business? Call in the network optimization experts at Chesapeake to protect your networks and get your data back in the fast lane! 800.787.4848 or


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