Game Changing Call Control for Your Organization

By Jeff Nolte

April 29, 2011


With Strata Call Manager added to your Strata CIX phone system, your PC becomes an incredibly powerful tool for managing telephone calls, voice mail, Web, email and more.

Drag-and-drop features make it faster and easier to manage calls, trigger user-defined actions and launch applications, screen pops or Web pages.

You can define more than 500 custom buttons for fast, one-click access to the computer or phone features you use most − without help from a system administrator.

Any soft-button can perform any of these types of actions …

  • Activate a feature code such as Park, Page, Do Not Disturb, etc.
  • Speed-dial a frequently called internal extension or external phone number.
  • Initiate a System PBX Command such as Conference, Dial, Hang Up, Hold, etc.
  • Trigger a user-defined action, such as a screen-pop from popular CRM software such as Act, Goldmine, Lotus Organizer and Outlook, or just play a .WAV file
  • View or manage the status of ACD calls and agents, log on or off an ACD queue, perform supervisor functions and more.
  • Launch an Intranet web page that includes forms for order taking or technical support.
  • Run a program, either a commercial application, such as Microsoft Outlook or Excel, or any other executable file or command.

There are many sophisticated capabilities, but it’s easy to use and manage because it employs an intuitive design that has a familiar look found in many commonly used Microsoft applications.

To find out more about Strata Call Manager or any of Toshiba’s innovative communication solutions, contact the exports at Chesapeake today: 800.787.4848 or


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