Mitel Blackberry App Simplifies Call Handling on the Move

By Jeff Nolte

March 30, 2011


Whether you’re a road warrior or a corridor warrior, you’re running up mobility expenses. Yet for all this investment, you probably still need to manage multiple desk, cell, and home numbers and associated voice mail, contact lists and other apps.

Mitel Mobility for BlackBerry Mobile Voice System allows you to access advanced business communications applications from Mitel directly on your BlackBerry smartphone. You can also use your office WiFi to make calls from your BlackBerry.

Blackberry integration not only simplifies the call experience, BlackBerry smartphones can access the Mitel UC Advanced Mobile Portal and update information, check corporate contact details, presence, and voice mail message details.

Another amazing capability − Mitel UC Advanced Dynamic Location uses GPS and other location-based services from the BlackBerry smartphone to associate locations with the user’s profile and call routing preferences.

To do all this, BlackBerry MVS integrates with the following other Mitel products:

  • Mitel Communications Director provides advanced call control software that can be extended to your BlackBerry smartphone and virtualized to better fit your business environment.
  • Mitel Dynamic Extension empowers users with a single phone number and a single voice mailbox, while providing access to the business communications features they need on their office desk phone, BlackBerry smartphone, or any other device.
  • Mitel UC Advanced gives employees real-time access – directly on their laptop or BlackBerry smartphone – to all collaboration tools to find, communicate, and meet up with others quickly, easily and in the moment.
  • Mitel Dynamic Status integrates desktop tools by providing a simple interface for users to update their preferences for IM and Presence, and to define call routing on their BlackBerry smartphone.

Contact use to learn how Mitel can simplify communication and collaboration, while providing your employees with the flexibility they need to stay connected to colleagues, customers, and partners regardless of location: 800.787.4848 or


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