New technology enables Chesapeake to add IP Voice over your legacy wiring

By Jeff Nolte

February 23, 2011


Worried about the cost of upgrading your perfectly good LAN so you can add IP Voice? Now there’s an alternative that will get you the technology you need now without busting your IT budget.

Chesapeake leverages your existing telephone cabling infrastructure to provide a dedicated IP phone network, while centrally connecting the IP PBX to your existing LAN. This gives you the reliability of a legacy voice network with the productivity gains and convenience of a converged network.

Chesapeake delivers Ethernet and Power over Ethernet over any single pair of wires within a 1,200-foot reach of the IP PBX. This allows us to transform your existing proven, reliable voice infrastructure into an IP network that supports IP telephony and all the advanced features that go along with it.

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