Don’t Gamble with Your Business − 5 Tips for Business Continuity

By Jeff Nolte

December 15, 2010


Businesses have been known to go belly-up when IT systems and networks fail and there’s no plan in place to deal with the disaster. Scrambling for recovery solutions after the disaster is time consuming and expensive and − at the least − erodes customer confidence.

That’s why I recommend putting these business continuity tips into action at the earliest opportunity …

  • Voice Redirect Services – Restore your ability to communicate after a catastrophic failure or loss by having all or just essential business calls rerouted to any pre-defined number(s), including cell phones, telework locations, or branch offices. Some carriers even offer automatic redirection of PRI trunks.
  • Voice Virtualization – Running voice along with your data applications on the same servers reduces hardware costs and saves floor space. It also allows for the more efficient use of IT resources, reduces energy costs, and facilitates business continuity by allowing voice functions to be moved off a failing server without disrupting service.
  • Redundant circuits, carriers, ISPs – Distributing voice and data traffic ensures business continuance in that if a failure occurs, traffic has another immediately available path to its destination.
  • UPS – Typically, an Uninterruptible Power System sits between an electric supply and your phone system, computers, or servers to prevent outages, brownouts, and surges from adversely affecting the performance of your business and its systems, and possibly damaging your IT assets.
  • Mobile and Wireless Services – Today’s IP phone systems support mobile phones and wireless devices, allowing business calls to be routed through the phone system to any device, making this capability a key element in any business continuity strategy.

These tips are not just about protecting voice and data systems against momentary disruptions − they’re about saving your business from a potential meltdown that may be difficult or impossible to overcome.

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