Improve Call Center Functions for Greater Customer Satisfaction and Profitability

By Jeff Nolte

May 12, 2010


Call centers have become important strategic business tools. A well-managed call center can serve customers quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively, providing your business with an important competitive advantage.

With the right solutions, your call center operation can be improved in several important ways…

  • More efficient handling of peak hour traffic
  • Effective back-up coverage
  • Increased agent productivity
  • Simplified staffing requirements
  • Increased management control
  • Grows with your business to protect your investment

You don’t have to be large call center to benefit from these capabilities. Call center functionality applies to all businesses that receive a high volume of calls into small or large departments. With an ACD application, calls can be directed in a variety of ways – quickly and efficiently – for maximum revenue potential.

Your call center doesn’t have to be complex to be powerful. In fact, the ACD application runs on a server, along with call reporting, voice mail, and other value-added applications.

The ACD application allows you to start off simple, and add more capabilities as you need them.

Capacities are also expandable. The number of ACD groups and active agents are configured and priced to meet your specific needs.

Now that you get the idea, let’s talk about improving the performance of your call center. Contact us today: 800.787.4848 or


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