Moving? Telecom & IT Considerations

By Jeff Nolte

April 2, 2010


When your company plans a move, close attention will need to be paid to readdressing your company’s telecommunication needs and data network requirements. These are complex tasks requiring advanced planning and that must be incorporated into your strategic plan.

A problem-free transition will depend on how well your technology partner can work with your in-house relocation team, consultants, vendors and service providers. Your technology partner can help you anticipate and manage critical decision points to ease the process with:

Needs assessment: with special attention to space planning, electrical and network requirements, dual entry for rapid disaster recovery, suitable locations for wireless access points, and design assistance for the IT room.

Service requirements: Will you be able to keep your main telephone number? Is there fiber access to support your broadband needs? Is the new location served by multiple carriers for redundancy and vendor choices?

Evaluation of IT requirements and Telecommunications: With processing power and storage space doubling every 8 months now is the time to reassess your data and telecommunications infrastructure.

Convergence: Moving to a new location may provide an opportunity to deploy a combined IP voice-data network. This decision requires a full understanding of the new capabilities that have emerged in recent years and how they can improve your operations.

Network Services Analysis to ensure you get the best carrier rates available and have the most cost effective voice and data services at your new location.

Too often companies fail to plan adequately for their telecommunications needs and are forced to install services at the new location which will not support their operating needs, or force them to delay their move until required services are established. To avoid unexpected delays at your new location, it’s a good idea to start planning 6-9 months prior to the move.

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