E911… What’s in it for Your Business?

By Jeff Nolte

February 15, 2010


Traditional business continuity plans have stressed methods for protecting technology assets like phone systems, computers, and networks. Often overlooked is protecting a company’s most important asset − its people.

When seconds count, E911 can pinpoint the exact location of a caller in distress, not only to the building where the call originated, but to the cubicle or floor where the call was placed.

In IP phone system environments, maintaining correlated data at the 911 Call Center becomes complex because IP devices can easily be moved around on the network. Unless things are set up right, emergency help can be misdirected.

Here are some reasons why your business should care about establish E911 location services.

Legal Responsibility – Depending on where your offices are located, you may have a mandated responsibility to provide E911 location services behind your phone system.

Liability Exposure – If an emergency situation occurs, and someone is further harmed due to E911 delays, the liability decision could be left to a jury, even if there is no mandate.

Moral Responsibility – It’s the right thing to do regardless of what a law says, or does not say. Your people spend a good part of their day at work and have the expectation that emergency help will reach them in time if things go wrong.

Don’t let an emergency put your business in the headlines. Let Chesapeake help you establish a plan to address E911. Contact us today: 800.787.4848 or jnolte@ctsmd.us.


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